R Conrad Cline

 1. All For One:
"All For One came to me while on a 14km walk around Deer Island after open heart surgery."
2. The Artist:
"The Artist is an adaptation of an original poem by Gilbert Stuart of Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada. He wrote "The Sunset" very early one morning after rousing from sleep. While we were working together on an auto ferry I noticed a piece of paper with the poem written out and knew immediately that this could be slightly re-worded and made into a song. This song is our joint effort and we believe the whole matter has been inspired by God above."
3. Until Then:
"Until Then is a powerful message of the hope all Christians place in their Lord Jesus Christ."
4. Thank God:
"Thank God for the inspirational music sung and written by Hank Williams and others. I learned to sing with sincerity by listening to him as a child. Carson Leighton thought this would make the best title for the CD. He was correct!"
5. Still Holding On:
"Still Holding On best expresses the reality of the Christian Life."
6. Where The Roses Never Fade:
"Where The Roses Never Fade is in appreciation and memory of my "second parents" Walter and Hazel Branscomb."
7. *Put Me In Your Pocket:
"Put Me In Your Pocket was a short romantic ballad by Hank Locklin. I used the melody to pen a new song, a lullaby for our first son, 25 years ago."
8. The Angel of Death:
"The Angel Of Death was a Hank Williams song which many critics could not understand why he wrote and recorded. I can not speak for his original motives but i do know mine. I really love this song with the changes I've added and hope you do too!"
9. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow:
"I Know Who Holds Tomorrow was a song frequently sung in the pulpit by Earl Ohl, the preacher who brought me to know Christ as my personal Saviour and Lord."
10. Because He Lives:
"Because He Lives is undoubtedly one of the finest Gospel songs ever written"