Conrad Cline

R. Conrad Cline graduated Deer  Island Regional School in 1964 with particular interest in drafting and other  "shop" related subjects. 

At age 14 he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and  Savior but knew his actions and certain attitudes were in dire need of deeper  commitment after High School.  

While at Bayview Christian Camp,  he had made a commitment for Christian service and along with Wayne Lambert,  also of Deer Island, and with Conrad's father, mother, minister Earl Ohl with  his wife and daughter - the happy troupe made their way to Johnson Bible  College outside of Knoxville, Tennessee where Wayne had already been  attending for one year and Earl had graduated from a few years earlier. This was  the first time his father had taken a vacation from fishing since he started  captaining out of necessity at age 14. After two years at JBC Conrad accepted that  his academic achievement was nothing to write home about. There  was a lot of "growing up" to do yet and as a college buddy said years later,  "Apparently the faculty of JBC saw more potential in us than we saw in  ourselves!" Conrad returned home and went, like the Apostle Peter, back to  fishing.  After one year and feeling as depressed as he imagined  JONAH did while in the belly of the sea creature, Conrad  pleaded with God to allow him to go back to Bible College.  He asked God to make  it financially possible for him to do so and within two weeks had stocked more  money fishing than he had made all year.  One could say that he was told to  "cast his net on the other side of the boat!" Returning to Johnson  University (as it is known today) he was determined,with God's help, to  graduate and make a good academic showing. Starting on the year he should have  been graduating from college (since he first attended), Conrad humbled himself  with a new approach to study, as a freshman once again, and graduated four years  later with his BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE.  "I can do all  things through Christ who strengthens me" became Conrad's goal after returning  to Bible College.  During his Junior and Senior years in college he was asked to  be intern-minister at First Christian Church in Harriman,  Tennessee which then had a membership of some 350 souls with Lionel Talbot as  senior minister. The church there ordained Conrad into the Christian  Ministry in 1971. After his ordination, Conrad was later sent by  the Church to the National Missionary Convention in Portland,  Oregon. He flew out but came back to Tennessee by car, thanks to two  Missionaries from Africa. This was an introduction to foreign missions and  missionaries first hand. It was a memorable and majestic trip across Western USA  with sightseeing along the way such as "Old Faithful"  and Salt Lake City, Utah. As far back as 1964  Conrad had taken a keen, "God inspired", interest in North Burma  Christian Mission, which by 1971 were based out of Chiang Mai,  Thailand.  God works in mysterious ways -  His wonders to perform! Later that  year Conrad arrived in Ottawa, Ontario (our national capital) where he joined  Richard Wright and family with their "foreign missions work"  here in Canada.  Sunday worship service was held at a school and souls were  being added to the Kingdom of God through home visitation and Bible teaching  using Christian film strips. Strength and growth comes through adversity and  much was learned about Christian service while in that city for three  years. While living in Ottawa he became a school bus  driver for Richmond Bus Lines and took up flying through the  Ottawa Flying Club, obtaining his private pilots license in  1973. Befriended by the former Premier of New  Brunswick,Hon. Hugh John Flemming (who was  then a member of the national parliament) Conrad was asked to speak at a joint  prayer breakfast with our House of Commons and  Senate members. This honor was further enjoyed when asked by  the Queen's representative, (the Governor General of Canada,  Roland Michner) to attend his annual garden party. It was a little like Paul  before King Agrippa but without chains and imprisonment. H was the only person  there taking photos, but like the Apostle Paul, didn't expect to "appear before  him again"! Each summer while living in Ottawa Conrad returned for a few weeks  to earn enough money to make a down payment on a new car (Nissan / Datsun 1200  ).  The retail price for this new car would equal the cost of 2017 taxes on a  new small size car.  My grandfather was kind enough to co-sign so I could merit  a loan for the first time thru the bank system. While working in Ottawa Conrad  visited various churches in Canada and the USA making Christian aware of life in  the Nation Capital - our need for prayer and giving reports on the fledgling  work in the Capital. Appealing on behalf of the fishing industry with officials  in the federal Department of Transport Conrad was partially responsible for  having charges dropped against East Coast fishermen over unpaid wharfage fees.   He had proved certain injustices against these fishermen - the charges were all  dropped and the whole matter of wharf and harbor maintenance moved over to the  Department of Fisheries and Oceans.   By the end of 1973 Conrad moved back to  Deer Island and helped his dad on their large herring carrier but after  about one year volunteered to become a Captain on the Deer island Provincial  ferry system as the then captains had gone extremely long term without a break.  The Leonardville, Deer Island Church of Christ was "home" in  every sense of the word. Somewhere along this time line, Robert (Bobby) Morse  Jr. came on a mission initiative to Deer Island representing North Burma  Christian Mission and the Tribal Children's Hostel he had established  in Chiang Mai.  We sang in churches together and our voice just seemed to  naturally blend.  Conrad was thereafter involved in the work in a round about  way as he flew Bobby over to Nova Scotia in an airplane and tried to help the  effort in every way he could.   By 1976 Conrad was asked to come be full time  minister with the Garnett Settlement and Nauwigewauk Christian  Churches.  He resigned with the ferries and took up residents at  Garnett Settlement. For three years he ministered full time with these two  congregations which were twenty-one miles apart as the crow flies but then he  had to use more turns than even some of the crows while going between the  congregations.  The Maritime Christian convention was hosted at  the Garnett Church during his tenure there and many people got to ride in a  small plane. Both churches were supporting full time ministers after his  resignation.  He lived with Walter and Hazel Branscomb for a time after this at  Garnett while working as a "Social Animator" in Saint John.  This job involved  chronically unemployed individuals getting back to work.  His  photography skills became a small business venture with wedding  photography and Tourism contracts by the Province of New Brunswick for aerial  and ground photos. Conrad's sister, Julie, once gave him a plaque which said,  "There are old pilots and bold pilots but no old bold pilots!" (Oh.. the stories  that have been told.)  While first ministering with these two churches Conrad  and Bobby Morse recorded a long playing album in Flora, Illinois  entitled BECAUSE HE LIVES in support of the Tribal Childrens  Hostel.  You can listen to it by clicking on MORE at the top of  this page. In 1981 Conrad was IN  THAILAND for three months encouraging the missionaries  working with NORTH BURMA CHRISTIAN MISSION.  Thousand of photos were taken and  many used as promotional material for the mission work. On April Fools Day,  while still in Thailand, he proposed to Anna King (an RN working in Saint John)  and they were married in June.  Not able to recover from major surgery due to a  blood clot in the brain, Conrad's mother passed away about one  week after returning from Thailand. She had been scheduled for this surgery one  month earlier but the doctor delayed things until I returned home...God is  Good!  The happy couple have two sons and as of this writing are both in their  thirties.  Jeremy is married to Laura Greenlaw from Campobello Island, NB and  they have two girls. He has his own business called OUTDOORS NB and our second  son, Michael is a member of the ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE.  In 1986 the  Clines moved back to Deer Island to raise their children and Conrad began work  with the Provincial Ferry System during his "off season" as a deck hand and Mate  then finally as a  full time Master.  The term "off season" is used because  after concluding his ship masters course on Prince Edward Island during weeks on  which he got home for the week ends, he obtained his ship  masters certificate and thereafter started CLINE MARINE  INC. a whale watching tour and charter business. This lasted for 18  years after having converted the 60 ft. fishing vessel once owned by his father  into a passenger vessel.  Conrad started "filling in" at the Back Bay Church  of Christ as minister during these "back home" years  and has by the grace of God never stopped since! So far he has only recently  passed out after preaching his Sunday sermon but the Doctors say it was because  he was suffering from a rare virus and pneumonia. Having retired now from most  other jobs (including much of his lawn mowing business) he very much enjoys and  loves FULL TIME CHRISTIAN SERVICE. He loves pointing out to people that Moses did not begin leading the Children  of Israel out of bondage until he was 80 years old and as of this writing that  is still about 10 years down the road!